Selecting an AWTS (Aerated Wastewater Treatment System)

Choosing a wastewater treatment system can be quite complex. However time spent carefully considering the options should prove valuable given the long term implications of such a decision. To ensure you choose a system which actually adds value to your home rather than causing you future headaches there are number of questions you should try to have answered before you choose your system.

  • How sustainable is the system?
  • Environment friendly – How does the system impact upon the environment? – Both in terms of the potential for pollution and the energy efficiency of its operation
  • System safety – Can you safely recycle the effluent around your garden where children will be playing?
  • Are you limited by the type of irrigation system used?
  • How will the system look once it is installed – Will it take away the natural beauty of your garden?
  • System reliability – Will it continue to function as specified?
  • The availability of service agents in the area and their quality of service
  • System cost – Not just the initial cost but also the ongoing costs – the key here is how energy efficient is the system and what are the chances of needing frequent repairs?
  • System lifespan – Does the manufacturer offer a guarantee?
  • Past performance of the system – What do you know about the system or its manufacturer? Does it have a proven track record or does it have a history of problems?
  • Size and bulk of tanks to install – If the system is made up of multiple tanks or is very bulky this may reflect in a more difficult installation and disruption to your garden.
  • What is the treatment performance of the system in terms of effluent quality and will it be able to sustainably produce these levels over time?
  • The mechanics of the system – Is the treatment process overly complex with many moving parts causing potential breakdown issues?