“I must say that choosing FujiClean and Civcon Water Services for replacing our septic system is without doubt the best decision we made during the process of renovating our house.

Despite the difficulties of access and the fact that the installation had to be completed in 2 separate phases due to other building work going on everything ran to time and without any major issues.

The system itself has now been installed for nearly a year, it is very efficient and quiet – you hardly know it’s there.”

Steve and Amanda Overall Mangrove Mountain, NSW

“I was first introduced to FujiClean back in 2009 when a wastewater system supply company I was working for were looking for a system that was robust & reliable. After researching the FujiClean company we were convinced that the history & experience behind their wastewater treatment systems was second to none so we began distributing the system here in Western Australia.

Moving forward I was fortunate enough to secure the distribution of FujiClean systems for Western Australia. It has been a pleasure to work alongside such a dedicated & passionate group of people. The FujiClean team have provided me with fantastic support & have always assisted in every way possible to ensure the FujiClean company & their systems establish a credible reputation in the marketplace.

I have had an incredible amount of positive feedback from our customers who are very happy with the quality & performance of the system as well as the level of support from our team of distributors & service agents.

When I recently shifted into a property with an existing septic system I never hesitated in replacing it with a FujiClean system which is now providing beneficial recycled water for our garden & lawn.

The systems are so easy to maintain and economical to run. Working out cheaper than being connected to town sewer with the added benefit of recycling & reusing every drop of water from our home.”

Greg Thompson Yanchep, WA

“After recurring problems with our failing septic system, we decided to upgrade to a FujiClean. No noise, no smell and no issues what more can you ask for. We should have done this years ago.”

Peter & Joyce Todkill Wee Waa, NSW

“I have installed and personally use several types of aerated septic systems.

The FujiClean system is simple to install and service. It is said that the

simple things in life are often the best.”

Damien McCann Armidale, NSW

“Thank you for all your help with my project, it has been a pleasure working with Shunya and the FujiClean team. I am very pleased with the FujiClean systems in general.”

Neill Thwaite Coffs Harbour, NSW