Installation OF Fuji Clean System

Once you have decided to purchase a Fuji Clean domestic wastewater treatment system, to ensure the installation process goes smoothly and with a minimum amount of stress to you, we have outlined below a number of important steps for you to work through
(Your local Fuji Clean distributor will be happy to assist you throughout this process).

  • Plumbing & Drainage Forms 1 (Fuji Clean distributor can supply this form) – This consists of name and address details, a copy of the house plans, block plan, certificate of title, any LCA’s which may have been done on the property and a plan of the total septic system including irrigation system (this can be drawn by a Fuji Clean distributor or the installer if they are qualified to design land application areas).

    Note: LCA is an acronym for Land Capability Assessment and is usually asked for by councils on new houses.

  • Waste Water Management Report.
  • Permit fee.

Note: Your Fuji Clean distributor can submit this paperwork on your behalf to council however please note, that service may incur an additional cost to you as it is not ordinarily included in the supply and installation quote. If your plumber has already submitted this form along with your Waste Water report to council, then the Fuji Clean installer will require of copy of this permit before the installation.

Please see an attached example of a Waste water Work form for South Australia council to give you the general idea.
These forms will be similar but different for each council.

Download SA Wastewater Work Form

  • The usual installation time frame is normally toward the end of the building schedule. This will allow you to receive the maximum usage on your manufacturer’s warranty. This timing also safeguards your filter from accidental misuse by tradespeople.
  • If there are space constraints, your Fuji Clean distributor could install before your house is built.

  • Fuji Clean distributor will liaise with them to ensure the sewerage treatment plant’s installation occurs smoothly.

Note: Fuji Clean Installer can do as little or as much as the customer wants/ needs, from the initial design through to council application assistance - to the installation and of course the all-important back up servicing & maintenance.